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Staff Development

Our staff development programs focus on engagement and making sure our information is relatable which helps with retaining the tools and strategies to continue the work outside of the session(s).


Grow Through What You Go Through

You're a Leader , You Just Don’t Know It Yet

5 Levels of Relationships

Inclusion over Alienation


You’re a Leader
You Just Don’t Know It Yet

A lot of people view leadership as a title, but title don’t mean anything if people only follow you because of that. This workshop we breakdown what leadership is in it’s simplest form through a discussion and a competitive / interactive activity.


From there we have established our foundation, now it’s time to build. I share with participants the 5 various leadership styles and again break them down in its simplest form and I use an exercise to help them determine which style fits them the best.


The key thing here is to shift their mindset from leading based off of what they see and start to lead based on who they are.​

Grow Through
What You Go Through

Growth comes whether you win, loose, have success or fail. Most people will focus on growth only if they fail at something, but growth should be practiced no matter what.


This workshop is tailored around what areas of growth you want to see happen for your staff as well as equipping them with the tools to seek out growth and make even their best better. The activity that is used in this session will be a catalyst for our lesson on how to grow in a way that will get you to the next level in life, at work and anywhere else in your life.


5 Levels of Relationships

Similar to the 5 levels of understanding leadership, most people don’t understanding that there are levels to relationship building. Usually people exist on level 1 or 2, level 1 being you have a relationship with someone because of relation or proximity (family , you are in a co-existing space such as school or work) level 2 is you have a relationship based on minimal engagement.


The goal of  this workshop  is to share all 5 levels and how to get to level 5 where it is based on cultivation and genuine connection that is not conditional. This workshop really helps people understand the importance of strong relationships in your life

Inclusion Over Alienation

This workshop focuses on having the participants really understand inclusion and how to actually act in it. This interactive workshop takes participants through an activity where they must work together to get the facilitator to do a simple task such as make a bowl of cereal or tie a shoe(but the catch is the facilitator doesn’t know how to do the task and must be taught for the first time.) If the facilitator gets to overwhelmed the participants will be alerted by a sound from the facilitator. The key thing here is to manage frustration , work together as a team, include everyone and support the facilitator. They will be timed and then we will debrief after. They will then be broken up into small groups and will do this activity amongst themselves.


The purpose of this is to understand that we all are alienated in some way shape or form : Black, Brown, Gay, Straight, Nerd, Trouble Maker, Documented, Undocumented, Mixed , Weird, etc. but it’s important to see past people’s identity and see that we are all human beings and we as a society needs to show up in a way that makes people of all identities feel Included.

City Year AmeriCorps Member
City Year AmeriCorps Member

2023 trainings

Coatesville Youth Initiative:
Service Corps Training

 Engaged new staff members in a specific training that was created to help support the organization's largest program. The focus was to give them insights, strategies and tips to help them grow as a team, how to make the program flow more fluid, improving youth engagement and developing a self-sustaining infrastructure.

City Year (Philadelphia)

Engaged their leadership team in a training around objective reflection in reference to improving their current programming. With this training we went through understanding what is objective reflection and how to do it when evaluating the effectiveness of their programs and services. The key to this training was to use their actual programs and services in the understanding and implementation of objective reflection, so that it would be easy to do beyond the training.

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