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learn more about how you can partner with me to start a new program or take your current program to the next level.

I have spent majority of my professional journey creating, implementing and developing programs for many organizations. These programs have been 1 day programs, weekend programs, summer programs as well as year round programs. My approach to programming is simple be as innovative as possible and always find ways to build in the moment. I have worked with populations as young as 7 years old and as old as 25 years old, and what separates me as a program developer is my strategic approach to not only the structure of how a program needs to be built, but also how I builds relationships with the participants.

"You can have the greatest idea and program structure, but without knowing how to connect organically with your audience that makes them feel empowered your program will never reach that next level and that's what Sam does so well."

-Executive Director

I have experience facilitating leadership development programs, summer camps, job readiness programs, Independent life skills program and currently I run a young males group with a mentoring component.

The young males group that I have developed for an organization currently serves young males age 10-18 years old with an opportunity to become a mentor once they age out of the program. This group isn’t your typical male’s group, where you will just sit in a circle and talk about how to become a “man”. No, this group is all about giving young men an opportunity to connect with each other, create fun memories and get taught some FREE GAME on life! 

My goal as a contractor that specializes in all things programing is to support school's and organizations and elevate their programming so that their population receives the guidance, education and opportunity to grow as individuals and as a group. I also provide expert insight on program development. 

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