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Christian Copeland, Math Teacher at American Paradigm Schools

"My Experience with Faith and Effort is authentic. It's an organization that encourages you day-in and day-out. with nothing but real experiences and truth from Sam's vantage point. If I were you I would book him for your next event."


-I.M.P.A.C.T Co-President, Mateo Latorraca Rodrigo of 
Franklin & Marshall University 

"I thought that your presentation was incredible and I thought people were really able to learn about leadership and how they can define that for themselves. It was exactly what I hope participants were able to take away from the presentation."

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Kenny Holmes- Interim Director of SSSP at The University of Delaware

Our students left your workshop motivated and eager to "seize their opportunity." Your presentation couldn't have come at a better time, as students were lacking motivation to finish the semester strong. Your ability to connect with our student's through your stories were greatly appreciated! You inspired me to "Boss up" and take advantage of all 24 hours in the day.

In-Person Speaking Services 

When it comes to my in-person speaking service I offer a few option. The first option is my standard 45 minutes to 1 hour presentations or workshops with a Q&A included. These presentations & workshops are interactive and will always include an activity, so students can learn hands-on in real-time. These presentations and workshops are usually built around personal, professional or leadership development. I do offer presentations outside of that scope, which can be requested at the time of the inquiry.


Virtual Speaking Services 

With the pandemic still looming over some businesses, organizations and school's heads, I offer our virtual services that can still fulfill their needs. This service is similar to my in-person services, but now it allows for communal learning and development to happen virtually without missing a beat. I provide 45 minutes to 1 hour presentations as well as workshops.

Even with it being virtual I am still able to utilize activities and movement to engage our audiences. To learn more or to inquire about my virtual services, please follow the link below and fill out the form

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