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The Story Behind The Brand.

Faith and Effort simply means, by believing in yourself (Faith) and maximizing your effort levels (Effort) anything is possible.  All my life one specific and special person projected that message on to me every chance they got, and they always knew that I could be whatever I wanted to be in life. My mother Catherine Brown struggled in life with her own personal battle and even though we didn't live together majority of my life, when we were together it felt as if we never were a part. She always told people how proud she was of me and how I am doing this and going to be that, and that subconsciously drove me to want more and do more for myself.


In January of 2017, I was in my last semester of school at Millersville University and set to graduate and give my mom the greatest gift I could give her on mother's day (same day as my graduation), but GOD and life had other plans. My mother tragically lost her life during my final semester and it force me in a state of depression and an inability to mentally fight through the rest of the semester. As a result of losing my mother, I also lost all motivation for life. They say when a person is no longer physically here, their spirit lives on, and it took me awhile to embrace that but at the start of 2018 I was able to do so.

January 2018 I decided that I will no longer allow what happen dictate how I live the rest of my life, and I just kept getting reminded of that same feeling I had when I would spend time with my mom. That feeling of never stop believing in yourself and always outwork your previous work. I understood if I was going through pain in life and needed that reminder, I know that others may be facing the same and as a result Faith and Effort was created. Faith and Effort since 2018 has evolved from just a social media brand to a lifestyle brand.

Now the focus is to spread this message of adopting the lifestyle to never stop believing in yourself and always work so that you can achieve a lifestyle you envision. This is done through speaking and workshop presentations and the main focus of those are personal professional and leadership development.

"losing my mom put me in a dark place, but it was her spirit and presence in my heart that brought me to the light"

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