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Whether it's a keynote or workshops for colleges, high schools or middle schools, Sam focuses on engagement, being relatable, and being authentic.



Throughout the keynote Sam extracts leadership develop, overcoming adversity, breaking through barriers, believing in yourself and much more. How Samuel wraps up his keynote after taking you through his 13 year journey is by sharing the next 6 years and what was a result of outlasting everything that he face to become who he is today. This keynote consistently shift people perspectives on understanding that your life is not a make-up of what happens to you, but a make-up of how you navigate and use what happens to you to create a life you desire.

Grow through What You Go



Samuel relates to his college audience very well because of his college path. Not only did he become the first person in his family to attend college. During college he faced adversity from his academic struggles, mounting family pressure and looking to make an impact on campus. During his time in college Samuel became President of the second largest organization (The Black Student Union) and made the most of his experience, made life long network connections and discovered his purpose.


Lincoln University of Pennsylvania was honored to have Sam Brown join our New Student Orientation program in the Fall of 2022. He was relatable, engaging, and demonstrated a level of passion that resonated with our students. Not only did he have a great message about perseverance, motivation, and healing, he encouraged our students to think about their own legacies. What I appreciated most is that Sam is invested in the process and the journey. He was great to work with prior to the program to map out what is needed and still stays in touch with students and attends programs to support their continued growth.

Lyndsay Raymond,

Executive Director for Student Success

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When it comes to speaking to middle and high schooler, Sam's 10+ years of youth development experience plays a key role in building a connection with them. Whether it's a keynote or workshop, Sam focuses on engagement, being relatable, and being authentic. Those focuses break the natural barrier between youth and adult and allow for a more impactful session or speech.


"In order to make a change I need to put in the work and the effort. I also learned that everyone has to face adversity but adversity makes people stronger."

Student from Sierra Granda High School
Blanco Colorado

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